online Seller

I’m sooo depressed

been sellin online off n on since ’95 started on ebay, 4 accounts ALL great ratings and not one NEG fb all those years.

then I come to etsy, outta my sick bed no less, if I dont try to find homes for some of my treasures and jewels then they will be dumped after I pass, which is close. I describe every detail i can find, but i am old n human, I care too much what others thinks n it devastates me

Hep c over 33+ yrs has taken its tole so i function now between attacks the best I can.

Having to die all alone is no fun I’m here to tell you. and having to “pay” someone to care sucks even more BUT tis life as I know know it.

now back to selling, well lots stress here last yr or so and i’m doin all i can best i can , a buyer wanted a class ring i had for sale cheaper but I didnt want to sell that cheap so i fig 180 not 150 she wanted to give, so she deals on a pr earrings i had listed.

now i droped the price of both to equil 200 + 7 shipping ins n track

well she gets em and complains that the ring is fine BUT the earrings are NOT gold as stated, but they are plated and she wants a full refund for them, well i explained i can’t let the ring go for 150 but will for 170 and will refund her back the 30 bucks. she went nuts and said no refund the whole thing.

well it went to paypal and its in litigation but they took the 207 and she gave me my 1st TWO negs not desertved! makes me so sick. and i look and shes doin it to others as we speak. she has 4- 5 cases pending (her words from fb) with paypal.

now this is NOT fair, I was being more than fair even told her sorry bout earrings (which i’m 99% are gold” but thats neither here nor there.. its the principle and only way to get them removed is to kiss n make up which she will never do.

and top it off when a buyer pays i usually always give grt ty fb. as they did their part so she got two pos from me and i got screwed, one at most maybe but not both?

am I wrong?

Ive never ever tried to rip anyone off and i have a record to back up what im saying. i’m so depressed along with ill now that i can’t create, have a hard time functioning and really care too mauch that i’m scared for life now.

don’t know how to deal with this.

havent rec’d items as are in mail i guess, n hope like hell acid test didnt damage them.

sry need to unload and my dog dont talk.

im screwed

look at her fb, see whats shes done to others just one month alone

she an ETSY Buyer, and ?
BEWARE she has ruined a few look at her feedbacks
and many leave pos when paid by seller like I did
now she’s runing others LOOK

LORTON, VA 22079

her addys are:

WHY would anyone do this?


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2 Responses to online Seller

  1. dagutzyone says:

    i’m having such a hrd time dealing with all this. I’m so depressed over it all and keep thinking this is NOT a business i bought stuff to seel, its my personal jewels and treasures I’ve had all thru life.

    now that i’m ill its a must to find homes where most would be appreciated, mostly my treasures not my jewels. hard time sleeping and eating knowing that my ring box of 50 yrs is not with my ring.

    hard ’nuff having to part with stuff i’ve had and fought so many times to keep and protect, thru bad marriages, earthguakes and floods and now my health, so Im asking PLEASE once again return the original box pictured, OR conside my offer still sell you the ring. I just can’t stand them being apart.

    I know you don’t have personal attachments like this, but hun i’m all alone, no family, no loved ones, no real friends now, so at the end and weighing only 82-84 now I sure hate going thru all this.

    Please have a heart/mercy?
    i really didn’t know the earings was not real but plated, and i dont care, wasnt attached to them anyways, BUT this ring I bought and even more i’d quit school at 14 ran away and went back to dallas and one yr graduated, means nothing to nobody but me, but the pain i feel is REAL

    i’ve had so many losses since say ’89 that i’ve given up too many thing and stranded, disabled, shut-in sucks on top of having to part with my life or it gets dumped.

    ok i just don’t know how to deal with it all, then i lost one sale on a ring cause she saw your neg one mine. so oh well i’m bout to just throw in the towel, gotten to where i’m not fit for human consumption i keep tell all, but its a lot to deal with it all, and till they walk in my shoes well the’d have a pitty party too.

    ok , sry just want you to know


  2. dagutzyone says:

    THEN she mails back earrings and ring but NOT the ORIG 60s ring box it was purchased in!!!
    and ask and she said

    brandnameforlessFebruary 22 2012 4:27pm EDT
    For the record, the acid test did not damage any of the items. Secondly, I did not include the box because I do not want to pay extra shipping cost for it cause I am the one paying for shipping them back. I do not need nor want the box. If you want it back, send me the money to ship it to you.”

    extorsion? shakin head
    it’s NOT fair


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