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Today was a good day

am Erica (oldest) took me to mail my pkgs and get cigs… later Family visit… ┬áthen i make a fire and flue is blocked as always when rains… wets the ash n clogs the screen. smoke inside like crazy. so … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Dinner w NEW Family

we went to Las Palmas and had Birthday dinner! then they visited till almost 9 KOOL helped the 11 yr old paint this birdhouse for sis … when she left i wraped in tissue n put in a fancy bag… … Continue reading

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A NEW Family! WOW

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 hobbled out to get mail, the new neighbors were out, met wife 4 teens dad and 2 others live there … well he ask whats wrong with truck, i told him and he has a mech … Continue reading

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Good News (let us hope)

In such terrible need, just trying to survive the daily struggles is bad ’nuff but then the help I had couldn’t make it all time, has their own health problems so was so down spent the whole last 2 days … Continue reading

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Snake inside!

SNAKE inside! THANK GOD for “GRAB-IT”jazzie was barking and screen was open for her to go out BUT she wasn’t, she just barked…. so i look and a small snake under saw by window and i got the grab-it and … Continue reading

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Hell here on earth

well i need to write just when i thought it couldnt get any worse… it DID… i tried to start the etsy business and nothing but problems, and along with living with a leaking roof, a toilet that don’t flush, … Continue reading

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AWFUL etsy buyer… BEWARE

AWFUL #etsy buyer look at negs she leaves and she scams sellers always ask for deals on several items then WATCH OUT brandnameforless says: I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SELLER. AVOID DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS SELLER. The pendant and necklace … Continue reading

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