AWFUL etsy buyer… BEWARE

AWFUL #etsy buyer look at negs she leaves and she scams sellers
always ask for deals on several items

brandnameforless says:
I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SELLER. AVOID DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS SELLER. The pendant and necklace I received is not as described. The chain is 14k as stated. the pendant is not marked and when tested, it did not test as gold but rather, just plated. I want to return them as they are not as described. But the seller would not accept my return. She said all sales are final. She wants e to hold on to an item that she misinterpreted and did not honestly describe. I had to go through Paypal and dispute this transaction to get my money back.
Feb 15, 2012

brandnameforless says:
I DO NOT RECOMMEND buying from this seller. You have to go through Paypal dispute to get your money back for an item he sold that is not as descibed.
Feb 13, 2012

brandnameforless says:
These earrings are not real solid 14k gold. they are plated. when i asked the seller for a return for a full refund, seller would not agree. I DO NOT RECOMMEND buying from this seller.
Feb 13, 2012

brandnameforless says:
Do not buy from this seller. Seller, according to Paypal, is Non-US and unverified. I did not receive this necklace from the seller.
Jan 19, 2012

brandnameforless says:
I specifically asked the seller what markings are on the ring to make sure it is solid gold. seller said it is marked 18K. But actually the ring is marked 18K HGE which means it is electroplated and is not solid gold. The seller deliberately mislead me by omitting the letters HGE from ring markings when those letters are clearly there. The seller lied about the ring markings so as to present the ring as something that it is not.
Jan 18, 2012

brandnameforless says:
Worst seller ever. Would not accept a return. She claimed this is an authentic Tiffany & Co 18k pendant and chain, What I received are unmarked pieces with the chain marked 14k with no maker’s mark. When I asked for a return, seller would only agree if I leave positive feedback. No way.
Jan 6, 2012

etsy tool site i saw sellers stated items ARE gold and shes scammed them

suprised Paypal allows this. when I ask them, they said they are watching, but geeze what are the sellers supose to do.


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1 Response to AWFUL etsy buyer… BEWARE

  1. dagutzyone says:

    mary sunshine has left a new comment on your post “Etsy Seller BEWARE”:

    She pulled the same con on me, but worse. My parents asked me to sell their gold chains on Etsy because I made costume jewelry and put up a shop and they couldn’t get enough for it. The jeweler offered $500, when they pain 1000 back in the early 90’s! This woman bought the gold within 1 hour of it being posted and then claimed her acid test showed it was not even gold and demanded that I pay her to have her ship what look like fakes back to me in replacement for the 14K gold I sent insured for $1800 with signature confirmation. I was flabbergasted at the flat out lies she claimed and the fact that she bought the listings no questions asked either than to charge nothing for shipping. She is still lying to paypal and etsy and is trying to send me god knows what after opening the package I sent and complaining about everything from the weight to the shipping to out right lying about gold that not more than a month before the listing was taken to a jeweler and authenticated. Beyond that it was stamped 14k and bought from service merchandise jewelry dept. back in 1990. You at least got your possessions back and not very obviously fakes. this woman thinks she can ship fakes, or possibly an empty box, and keep my parents gold with out paying anything for it. Really horrible person! I’m sickened and angry and I can’t believe a person could keep up a lie like this.


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