Elder abuse or ?

Elder abuse??? or?
Don’t know what to do?

well as of March this year, family across street was approved to do Home care for me thru IHSS. problem is the daughter was one on record. i was awarded 20 hrs a month at that time. worked fine 1st few months, as convent and close.

I’m terminal w/HepC n a shut-in past 3 yrs so dire NEED care, well did physical and IHSS gave 44 hrs a month which I felt was great. The family would take me shopping for food IF i was able or they brought me stuff I needed.
problem is wasn’t putting in but 3-4 hrs and kept saying they would, they just busy.

meanwhile august, the daughter brought a brand new puppy to play w/my dog as poor thing gets lonely when I’m i’ll in bed. Was to be a playmate while she worked a job at taco stand in town. Now her dad n mom did all the work when they did work. and the gal never took the dog home one night, so i ask for food n whatever, well she brought huge bones, NOT food. and only one time she even took the pup for awhile.
so few months back, I say, “well guess the pup is mine, as you’ve never feed, played, provided for so now its mine”. she said ” Ok but when the breaders/friends come over they wanna visit it” I agreed.
meantime they all have problems, she ‘s pregant, quits work in town and dad had heart attack (stress) then son (brother 19) so far be it from me to demand much less absoluty necessity.

Things calmed some this last month so cpl times I tried to talk to them, saying they will start doin my work, and care more for me, and every times never happened, I even gave them a blank calendar so they track their hrs, not for my benifit as i know, but thought they would see they were only workin 3-4 hrs per week vs the 11 gettin paid for.

now im a total shut-in and a lot of time i’ll in bed and they never once cleaned my toilet, or washed my dishes, yes a few times vacumed, cleaned out fridge and lots good stuff, BUT now dad gets mad when I told him i need to share those hrs with another person so i have help when i need it, and it will help them, as I never saw them weekends past 3 months or so. he right out refuses! Its ALL or nothing!!! well i was shocked, didn’t know what to say. well they never came over so I called the other lady to come as i needed stuff. well Dad saw the lady here and got hot, later came over threw me keys said its over, and daughter went to snatch the pup outta my arms, after 5 months with me!, Sheriff gets called, 2 1/2 hrs later office came in 10:30pm and talked, then went across street n talked, now cause dads mad he LIED to the officer and said it was daughters dog. HURT OMG im so broken now from past devistation, its last lap and I dont need this stress.

make it really worse, since March, i’ve been giving then TONS of things, as i must get rid of all possible, I just ask to save my jewels n treasures and most precious things to me. I have no one for many years now, no family no kids, no loved ones, and being isolated I shut out the world when most couldn’t deal with the death factor.
furniture, bedding, lamps, crystal, jewelry, crafts, kitchen appliances and TONS n tons stuff… and they just flat out took advantage of me

n LIED bout the pup i loved so dearly past 5 months 24/7 knowing that it will possibly devastate me!
I simply in so much grief, n shock i don’t know what to do

im ssi low income and i paid/cared/boarded that baby/pup and I get this crap????
been trying to list some my old memories since childhood, on etsy and sold a few when i feel i can be active, then also they took stuff to mail, now i’ll again, stressed to max and past week no help or anything so closed down site “vacation” mode till figure out next step?
also mom couldn’t go on record as care taker as she not legal for another 2 yrs when daughter turns 21? beats me i havent a clue. They were like a family at first, even made me a 66th H/B eve with cake n baloons! Touched my heart. then to turn into vultures? or whatever … Victimised once again, can’t handle or take any more.
life sucks and my only hope is that the Good Lord WILL take me home soon.

on my good days i use my brain productively as much as possible. Helps the stress level and my health as some my personal stuff has found good homes to be passed on. All the rest i care less about now and why giving to them to use or sell or whatever.. sad.
That pup was so needed n loved, gave my baby something to play with and also makes me get up and care for something, and get tons of love from something depending on me. I’m a basket case… im in SHOCK



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2 Responses to Elder abuse or ?

  1. dagutzyone says:

    They set me up big time n then neglected my needs

    been shut-in over 3 yrs, ill most of time, got signed up for IHSS finally, weighing less than 85#s and givin up on life.
    met new family moved in across street. well they took me right in and welcomed me into the family and really made me feel good.
    they signed up for the IHSS and their daughter became my care provider for 20 hrs a month but they still said they will be here to help when i need

    since i need to liquidate stuff so wont get dumped when i pass, i’d give them thousands of dollars of stuff for their home. (as we could get stuff out) some my valuable treasures n jewels that were dear n personal to me. Id treat them to eat if we were out n i was hungry. many times 4 of them. hrs got increased in early summer as i had a physical and guess need more help as gettin weaker it seems. but they never put in the 11 per week, always was busy or ? kept promising but something always came up.

    Now my poor yorkie needed groomin soooo bad i ask so many times i quit. then the daughter gave me a pup she got from a friend, not papered, inbread, BUT mine was lonesome so had a playmate and i had another life to love. S said as long as who bread her can visit when come to their house, i agreed. NEVER happened but once in 5 months! she never took the dog to play/feed/ whatever for 5 of the 8months of pups life!

    now last month I confronted them again about me needing help and yet they gettin paid? well kinda made em mad. also she not able now cause she going on 3 trimester pg. well crap i found a lady to come a few days a week or weekend as they neglected me past 3 months… when he, dad, found out they blew up! no word for a week, then they come over THROW me the keys and say grandma if thats what you want as its ALL or nothing! then gal tried to snatch dog from my arms, didn’t work they left. THEN cops come! omg 10:30 at night and makes me give up my baby pup. I had a board n care bill made out and he said go to court. well how bout my heart thats broken into a million pcs, my dogs upset not eating, and they have most of my most dear to me possions as wanted em set up for being so nice.

    except time they feed me a dove breast outta spite knowing i love n feed birds. so i quit. now all that time they changed my bed 3 times and never once cleaned my bathroom or dishes , yes did feed me now n then or bring fast food if i wanted, and was good about visiting and goin home leaving me a mess.
    i kept thinking WHATS wrong with this picture. then had to go out ill n collect wood i blew it.
    not fair!

    they also care for another old lady they rip off but she’s not IHSS related.


  2. dagutzyone says:


    well i called my worker today. ask about filling a complaint. she said since i’m the gals only person, wont do no good cause she’s not in their “registry” … whatever… but she did tell me about the abuse hotline and i can “think about it”
    wasnt pleased.
    she said she talked to them and they seemed like they would be here for me IF i was in dire need! NO F’n way they will ever be allowed back into my life! NEVER ever. she said well they said i threatened them. I said yes, i told them was turnin em in for animal abuse as 2 dogs chained all time in back yard AND birds in outside cage has pecked each others till not much feathers and one was bloody, yes i did .

    so not real pleased with outcome.

    today cost me 70 bucks to have guy re-key locks. SUCKS
    I HATE this damit.


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