so turns out, it WAS all about the money…

“so turns out, it WAS all about the money…”

they set me up to believe i was “family”…

called me grandma and everything, made me feel good at first as i’ve never had kids, little on grandkids, and have to admit this was nice in the beginning.

told me many times, it wasn’t bout the money, they were here to help with anything i needed, so i set them up to be my care providers, 1st was not much, only 20 hrs a month, but later on and after physical, they up’d it to 44..

now problems started when they were only working like 3 -4 hrs max per week, i was in need, and waited many many time till it was convenient on them… big mistake, trying to help hurt me big time

wasnt long till i felt like greed set in, as id been giving them a LOT of household stuff, and jewelry and things very personable to ME, that i must get rid of or will get dumped.

trying hard to get all my affairs in order before i pass, as not to leave all this mess for someone strange to sort thru n whatever, being i’ll past few years i’ve had no one so this meant a lot and i thought id really found some family to care!

they even gave me a small pooodle pup so my jazzie wouldn’t be so lonesome and i had some more love around and more to even get up for…

well shoulda had a clue when in large groups they all spoke spanish and hardly ever would translate, so i kinda just stayed at home n let a few at a time come visit, was nice we played puter games and played dominoes and all sorts nice things, i felt a lot better than i had in years… even talked about their family members buying my home, and all kinds stuff.. shaken head

then the hrs and needs started gettin to me, they were getting paid for 44 hrs and only working like 12-16 of them! all month! well i needed help, so ask lady i know if she would be available part time, thinking they could split/share hrs, as they wasn’t earning and i was needing… well thinking it “wasn’t bout the money” duh.. i talked to them many many time in over a month, so told them what i planned, well chit hit roof there… NO WAY i was told.. all or nothing, and then they wanted the pup and tried to grab it outta my arms (5 months they never came to play/feed/buy food/nothing) now that night ok, next night no, they came with keys, thrown at me says over, n tried to snatch pup, tug of war, sherrifs called, they lied says it was theirs, so i was made to had that baby over! BROKE my heart! so vindictive! after ALL ive given and shared, and they knew my pain first hand and to do this to me! SHOCKED, still depressed, hard to even function, then Jazzie hard time eating also, missing her playmate, and me missing what i loved so much, alls in my life is Jazzie n me, and it was a blessing as well as a joy to have new life for us here.

all diestroyed over MONEY! GREED!

shaking head… i’m sooo dumb, i want SO to find someone who can deal n handle n help and looking like i’m goin out all alone and no one knowing anything bout zip… boy thats not a great thought after the life ive had…

its been a month + now and i’m still just devastated, function very little and care less, do best i can to deal with daily stuff as comes up… talk bout a raw deal, and grave mistrust! after knowing part of all ive been thru and to do this to me!

i’m done, ready to go HOME PLEASE Lord!

Not a lot left to live for except get rid more stuff..slow process



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3 Responses to so turns out, it WAS all about the money…

  1. dagutzyone says:

    got papers today, now the gal (family) who betray’d me so, filed to get unemployment, stating work required to heavy lifting, as she’s pregnant.
    shaking head, after they worked only 3-4 per week and got paid for 11!
    awful. confronted them, needed more help, wanted to share hrs with lady who would work, but NO they got pissed n threw me keys snatched the pup she’d given me months n months prior!


  2. Vera says:

    Yes, it’s time to let go. Find what brings you pleasure and take it to heart. Not everyone out there is the same. The door may have opened for something greater. Use what time you have to find it and help someone in need like yourself. It Will make you feel good about yourself and whomever you reach out to. Bless you and keep the faith. You are full of it! Ever, Vera


    • dagutzyone says:

      it’s happened! YOU were soooooo right! I now have a whole dif attitude on life and now blessing 2 good people who are heling and I’m paying n giving and all sorts stuff. had to hit the very bottom to bounce back, as “free falling” didn’t work. lol amazing what a dif in my attitude even! NOW as health holds n permits i can now liquidate, sell, pay and do things i need before times up, so here we go again, lol sales lower than normal but a BLESSING right now as so much happing so very fast.
      roofs getting patched and gals working out good, then a fellow “genius” comes into the scene so shaken head, so busy, but i do see some life once again, even if for a start, its lifted me up to try again… Thnx for encouragement.and comments, all the rest.
      will keep you posted.


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