March BREAKTHRU! On my way back up for another round

well it got bad as you all know… and havent been doing well at all lately, so I now have found help, and by trading my pathfinder for labor I now hope to be able to get the leaks fixed, and some things fixed again, and see what happens.

clearing out some stuff agin, slowly and depends how i’m feeling, and today I got rid of 2 printers and and misc stuff, little by.

so glad Springs bout here cause i NEED get out in yard n garden! I NEED that healing from the son and nature, already have stuff started indoors to go out, and now I have my assistant and a guy working all misc jobs, so far so good and its been over week, he comes now n then cpl 2-4 hrs and cuts scrap wood, moves stuff for me, just misc needs and hes smart like me “Jack of all trades and he knows Puters n selling.. so may work out a deal together on stuff i can’t sell on etsy.. say he could list and sell and id split… sounds fair to me…

then long as i have sales, i’m trying to get stuff done so not so much stress.

Taxes still over my head, i got so stress this last time i’m now 80#s.. sucks.. but i’d bout given up and LOOK now.. had to hit bottom and also timing seems good for a NEW start and maybe this is a GIFT i’d been waiting for! I have paid it foward many times over thru life to point i felt cursed, maybe this will be my glory!

Day by Day ok.. wish i had a granny to cook for me lol,

feeling pretty good all way round since yesterday, and think so much different now, + Can get stuff outta here now and he can sell misc now and then as turns up for labor, and working off truck so maybe … time will tell, as none ever worked out so far, but i am on borrowed time here and just perhaps i’m gonna have a good spree for a bit before the end..sell my vintage and dolls and collectables on etsy, rest can be used to barter, sell or ?

so who knows.

Just wanted to let you all know that I AM gonna give it all i got (aint much) but its a start again. Yes I do believe it maybe my gift from the LORD .. since i finally let it all go.

HE can know bless us all.

I sure have a change of attitude also and feels good to also be able to pay back and also bless others big time this last time around.

cont’ later


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unigue... Gutzy, Eccentric, Eclectic, Artisan, Desert rat, lover of nature and photography I'm a twitter tweeter.. and a flickr lover stop by say hi
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3 Responses to March BREAKTHRU! On my way back up for another round

  1. Hi Dal, glad to hear you’re doing fine, I have been wondering if you have gotten your puppy yet. Soon the hummingbirds will return and I already have spring fever,bill


    • dagutzyone says:

      no pup yet… grrr to far away from cities and no trans. Spring fever huh, well I’m chomping at the bit to get out there and work the dirt and grow my stuff and perhaps do my pics again… ive started seeds inside already and planning new birdhouse projects for my yard.
      nice of you to comment. i’m so far behind n now starting to get busy again since i was given a new breath of fresh air. Day at a time, but on my way back up for now.
      thnx to you all ALL concerned.


    • dagutzyone says:

      it’s happened! YOU were soooooo right! I now have a whole dif attitude on life and now blessing 2 good people who are heling and I’m paying n giving and all sorts stuff. had to hit the very bottom to bounce back, as “free falling” didn’t work. lol amazing what a dif in my attitude even! NOW as health holds n permits i can now liquidate, sell, pay and do things i need before times up, so here we go again, lol sales lower than normal but a BLESSING right now as so much happing so very fast.
      roofs getting patched and gals working out good, then a fellow “genius” comes into the scene so shaken head, so busy, but i do see some life once again, even if for a start, its lifted me up to try again… Thnx for encouragement.and comments, all the rest.
      will keep you posted.


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