Survival with a new attitude!

I see the “LIGHT” once again, a new phaze has started… Was able to find 2 decent people (again) to help, this time a whole different attitude and list of priorities!
Feels so good. Sales been worst since open over yr ago, BUT turns out i needed dslow time to deal with all thats happened last phaze and now to this.

Had to finally give up and throw in the towel and accept whats put before me presently. Now turning out I can get some stuff outta here, and bless others at same time they helping me. some bartered, some pay … some free whatever, I just know it has all changed drastically so fast!
Been able to pay for needed help, roofs starting to get patched, stuff repaired, stuff outta house again… and priorities once again back to whats most important for my hopefully final stage of survival.

Never was good at delegating authority, rather do it myself, many can relate. well that held me back long enough, i needed to let go and let others do what i’m not able or just to take that burdon off me… sure doing better (esp mentally) last few days since this all came about!. unreal. attitude adjustment and what a pleasent shock. like i’m waking back up for the final phaze of peace and blessing others once again.
even pleased i was able to start paying some to a dear friend/lender who saved my home years back…

Day at a time, its a big start for me once again, but if all works out i can have more my home back to what needs be to for present activities..
get the shed roofed and get boxes outta garden room, sell whats my best stuff, give what they want, and trash rest that way i can have my garden room back, i can have room for my tools n crafts out there and then get my wherehouse more organized for all these sales.

Thinking a deal with the “Genius” to partner on others items needs to be sold, and let me do etsy, gardening n whatever. so theres where i learn to become a boss not a desporate person in need like i become.. NO MORE and those who know me KNOW once my brain kicks in the positive drive and creativity has no limits, I’ve achived the impossible many times and i WILL once again and perhaps just perhaps buy me some peace before times up.
Thnx ALL
lots more n updates coming, the good as well as the bad..

this “eccentric, eclectic, desert pack rats” gonna do her best once again to have peace and get this all flowing once again since i’ve been given a new attitude on life and whats most important on what times left. True meaning of “Let go and LET God”… well i do believe and i was messing it all up from my overloaded brain. lol
time will tell but here we go again, hope its my final journey….

had to hit rock bottom, now upwards once again, refreshed, new life, creative juices starting to flow once again, all different mind set… now need my health to improve from the 84#s i now weigh…


About dagutzyone

unigue... Gutzy, Eccentric, Eclectic, Artisan, Desert rat, lover of nature and photography I'm a twitter tweeter.. and a flickr lover stop by say hi
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