the positive side of what just past…

well after a drastic change of attitude and all thats good thats happened so very fast, I do wanna say that those nine months with the “family” was a real blessing. I had good food, lots company daily, help with anything i needed, lots of fun times, join to yard sales, casinos and their huge parties… most of all i got to experience what it felt like to be called “grandma” and i came to like it. Never was a mom, little on a grandma.

for all this I’m VERY thankful, even the fact i did get the pleasure and enjoyment outta of the pup for 5 months, helped me and Jazzie had a great playmate, and tons entertainment for me. hurt so very bad when they took her back, devastated me.

now 9 months past and took me few months to get to a new phase this week. BUT things look better and i can appreciate what was not what happened. MONEY! yep root of all evil, and i did set myself up to be screwed, but I truly loved ALL in that family. Best times in many years.

Oh well greed and money is always a problem. In this case tho they cut their hose off to spite their face, I’d been giving them tons n tons of household stuff, even some my most valued treasures, living on borrowed time, made me feel good i cared enough to bless them as well for all they were doing for me. The loses still hurt, but i figured out it wasn’t my problem, and I did all i could do and more to bless them. so sad. I almost had the chance to be “great grand” shakin head. oh well I wish them all the best.

I hated to bother them even if getting paid, when i needed more help than they had time for being stretched so thin, The oldest gal, pregant n couldn’t help … so i ask them to share some hours so i was cover, thats when it all went bad. Thats what makes me think it was all about the money and not me. shaken head? input?

well life goes on (When i gave it all up) THEN the Lord said “FINALLY” now step aside and be a good stewart of all BLESSINGS to come!

well they have started, I found a great lady for home care, n drive me to shop, mail, yard sale… garden, craft, whatever, and she gets paid, Then a “genus” comes along and now i have a GREAT man with strength as well as brains! so I’m on top right now!

Even made my 1st payments to save my home once again… things looking up as i’ve said.

and gonna trade some labor for my truck, so may work out after all TYJ!

now to gardening, and getting more stuff cleared out and stuff listed, moving right along…

to be continued.


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