Here’s the “jest” of it

Here’s the “jest” of it all

she had money in stock market, 02 went bad and she was loosing.. so came visited and after knowing my old hard money loan was bout up.. she said she would do it if i paid her the 400 a month.
so she set up papers and I signed, 7% on 60k

shes 1st trust deed lender
60k stay’d intact and i paid 400 month interest only,
9 yrs straight never one day late…

then ending ’09 things went bad and programs was cut and credit dried up SO I gave her a notarized IOU for 20k and stated redo loan papers and add it so if i croaked she’d be covered… (i’m ill n ssi, borrowed time) time to regroup as i was i’ll on top of all the cuts and losses. Calif went broke.  well she never did papers,  but left me alone for almost 3 yrs… then jan she wanted me to start paying on the loan… and would take 200

I said ok but buying firewood (have no heat) i couldn’t yet, and dog needs a vet.

so feb i tell her ok and i will march
well i sent her 100 on 4th and 100 on 8th

she accepted…
then 1 week later 3-11 she calls and right outa blue starts demanding stuff like i have to sign home over to her and shes bringing someone up to clear n throw out as she demanded a room to stay in while works being done to sell it… now i ask bout me? she said if i have to i’ll bring you home but im getting that house fixed up and will come up weekend..
I bout croaked right then n there.. SHOCK’d UNEXPECTED…

later i emailed saying no dont come, i need to seek legal help… and wrote a mutual friend to tell her not to come and yes id starting paying and this was such a shock!

now have someone looking into it and join to social services tomorrow for legal advice, but i am gonna need an atty
what a mess..


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