more bits n pcs… WHY I went with a hard money loan…SURVIVAL!.

more bits n pcs
divorced… he didn’t pay as ordered and i lost…
went to HUD got aproved and had 3 yr grace…
then couldn’t finance, so they sold out to a bank in fla pennies on dollar… well they forclosed on me for 117k
thats when the crooked RE guy who helped us do original paper work got involved…
(saga/drama/soap)he bought out for 57k.. long story
so i pay HIM 400 per month and one day my house gets posted but long story between here
he didn’t pay a dime he borrowed or set me up
had to get an atty in town, and thats when crook #2/3/4/? steps in..

.. Thatcher (local crook) took it over

400 mo interest 3 yrs..
OK i chose that cause WHERE could i live or rent for 400?? and ive fought for this place since loss in divorce, because he didn’t pay a dime the judge awarded me + the home so 400 was just great for me and tuff to make at same time..
then before it up since PRIME property he wanted bad to point of drooling…
well the Lord put Darleen back into my life and one visit and stories.. before she left she offered.. jumping ahead.. big problems that day at bank also.. cops had to be called. (drama/soap)
then 400 a month was still ok and for 7 straight yrs never a day late ( I TAKE PRIDE IN THAT) given my losses due to men n divorces.. and other crap
so i’m dying and who hell cares whats against it… gave me peace and thats all i care
mid 90’s had to empty home due to court order and moving bk in i had heart attack, (STRESS) im fine! but got atty and got disibility for post traumatic stress n trauma as well as health… now thats all a mess… cuts, changes, nobody knows anything any more..
also mid to late 90s was a victim of a violent crime.. lost 6 months there and that was AFTER i was on SSI….
told ya i need to write a book… but can’t spell and to hurried to get it down w/o loosing thoughts…

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