I tried so hard to make it alright…

to make sure she was covered, she was a real life saver when i needed it. for that I can never repay enough…..

ask her several times re-do papers, add more to cover cost and i’ll sign, never happened… even owed 2400+ and gave her an IOU notarized w/witnesses to let me have a few years to breathe as State went broke and cut most all programs and our money.. zoo did only think i knew that could help us both.

she accepted and even help’d many times as needed..

time ran out end of 2012, jan she wanted me pay 1/2… 200, i agreed and said be a bit as i’m still having to buy firewood n dog needs vet… well both are expensive..

so feb i said i’ll send asap.. march 4 i sent 100, and march 8 100, she accepted and far as i knew all was fine, dog still needs vet BUT she was satisfied and I felt GOOD i’m now able to pay least 1/2! I was so happy…

wrote all about a great break-thru and how it was so great i could FINALLY have my last days in peace long as i can make payments on back taxes and pay her some then i was on my way back up once again for the final bout…

well, lasted less than a week..

3/11/ call, demands.. rude, i was in shock n in disbelief what i was hearing.. how I was gonna sign the house over to her and she was gonna come and clear a room and bring someone to trash stuff and get a heater installed and on n on n get it fixed to sell cause shes loosing money…

well she got paid 400 a month for 7 yrs straight, all interest and NEVER ever one day late!! I’,m SOO proud of that! then tuff times and stuff.. and here were went again so i gave her the 20k IOU, offfered to sign new papers and all .. whatever…

NOW LOOK i maybe homeless…. I’m a basket case right now.

i can’t afford a RE Atty.. and none here small town, long ways away and ill and shakin head… timing is good tho as it all needs to be handled so i can have what little time i have left to go in peace, and garden and do photos and be the artisan i was born to be.


i MUST have a small taste of enjoyment right… dont i at least deserve that?




“I wouldn’t trade experiences for a million bucks… but I wouldn’t give you a nickel for anoither minute of it”


About dagutzyone

unigue... Gutzy, Eccentric, Eclectic, Artisan, Desert rat, lover of nature and photography I'm a twitter tweeter.. and a flickr lover stop by say hi
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