the stress is takin its tole

went to drs today and very high blood pressure.. told him im having some problems… dont need this esp now as running outta body mass to live on seems…


now i always tried to make sure she was covered, i paid over 30k+ interest with no problem and NEVER one day late… then all the cuts and losses i had no way as my disability wasn’t enough, so i gave her the IOU and said file papers i’d sign… never happened… ask for time to regroup.

she left me alone few yrs as agreed, but refused to have email contact since i dont spell, so we lost touch in many ways..


then she ask me to start paying 200 a month.. well i had to buy firewood still, then pay to have to roof patched and told her this… ok then i do pay in march and she starts about taxes behind… well thought she might of paid to protect her.. and i said i can’t pay her n taxes, i talked to them but have to pay 6 months + the penalities first then again n so forth so didn’t know what to do.. go see gal at social services for advice…


and was told i need an atty for one… well shocked over the news and the taxes, this stress has had me down more than i care to be esp when i’m trying to liquidate all i can to catch everyone up, but not all has to blow up when she calls demanding and way she spoke to me was degrading.. she has always put me down but this time crossed the line when im doin best i can to even survive and knowing she will always get her money, but seems now is the time, when so stupid markets lowest ever been and it wont bring much.. and neds major work also..


so fig house wasnt important just her final money, reason id will’d to G that time, now thats over and i have to take the tax money i’m saving and pay for an attorney and how to set it up so im covered and she gets her money or whatever.. but sounds like she wants out now so i have to see what i can do.


all i know. been her 29 years, never thought it would end this way, she no better now than tahtcher she saved me from way i see it. i thought she was a friend, but not even caring its my last yrs seems, just bout the money… 


oh well way of the world.


well will find out hopefully next week.

shakin head.


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