Right to die with Dignity act….

searching Calif laws on this… maybe just whats needed

Voluntary death by dehydration is an option that can be used by anyone, anywhere.
Because it will take a week or ten days to die,
this method of choosing death is not likely to be used to commit irrational suicide.
But in those cases where there might be some question
about the wisdom of dying now rather than waiting for death at some later time,
some simple safeguards can help everyone to know
that this was a truly voluntary death and not an irrational suicide.
Another way to make this point:
Wise safeguards will prevent premature death.


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2 Responses to Right to die with Dignity act….

  1. roberta4949 says:

    death by dehydration and it takes more than a week? really? who could endure the misery of it, this would be a very painful horrible way to die, that is like starving yourself to death, who would ever think starving or dehydration is euthanisa? euthanisa means peaceful death, dehydration hardly fits in that category.


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