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Plea to Hospice…

i’m up in high desert, and i’m very ill at times with Hep C mainly along with a ton of other problems I also suffer from. few yrs back i’d contacted local Hospice reguarding this, well i wasn’t bed-ridden full … Continue reading

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I left my mark….

few years back i was in one of the attacks and was very ill as many may remember, well called hospice and was sent to IHSS, ok gave it a try and never worked out, found out today, i can’t … Continue reading

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sink hole? my road of survival just fell in…..

My road of survival, just sprung a sinkhole…. well once again, my road of survival has encountered another sink hole. This time worse than ever before, and bout as deep as they come. Set myself up once again, and got … Continue reading

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Human contact…

no human contact, is like a plant choakin to death…  needin nutriments to even try to grow even wilted…  needing water for the time.    I’m now that plant

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Went to town looking like this… BAD

gotta get this out n posted to my journal…of life I shut down years back…. Couldn’t deal with life and i went into seclusion, isolated myself away, for past 5 + yrs It was great didn’t have to deal with … Continue reading

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1st time in 30 yrs…

today for 1st time since i lived here 30 years never had a wild bird come so close except a pet roadrunner i had 5-6 yrs that would come in and even eat with my dog right there within a … Continue reading

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