In the Arms of the Angel…

▶ In The Arms Of an Angel – Sarah McLaughlin – YouTube


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2 Responses to In the Arms of the Angel…

  1. Hepatitis C is terrible. Being taken advantage of by others (as told in your other blog, “Mere Survival”) is at least as equally terrible. You also seem to have a terribly heavy case of depression weighing you down. All together, I am amazed that you can still appreciate flowers and birds.

    Hospice generally doesn’t take on a client (at least not in the northeast) for whom a reasonable expectation of life exceeds six months. An arbitrary line, I know, but that’s the policy they follow. There must be an Office of the Aging or at least a senior center somewhere in your region. Contact them and get a recommendation for a good lawyer who specializes in elder law. The first visit shouldn’t cost anything. If you cannot make it to her/him, call and ask about a telephone conference or if someone from the office will come to you. Find out how to get a plan of action formulated to preserve what assets you have from interlopers and ask if the office can help you arrange for medical care, both physical and mental.

    I know it’s hard to act when all you want to do is lie down and die. But please do act! Everyone has the right to feel better emotionally, no matter where they are on the spectrum between birth and death.

    All the very best!


    • dagutzyone says:

      kind of you to comment and also share that info. yes i will make a note n ck into it.
      I feel Hospice won’t help yet abut i need to find out n other options. Being in a small desert community with very little resources suck.

      Will see what i can find out.
      Best to you


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