it’s not just me….

…..well its not just me, when Ca went broke a few years back they cut us off a lot programs that old n disabled was on, a couple being the postponement of property taxes, till sale of home, so I don’t make enough to pay them n state takes home in 5 yrs, i have 2 left, then lost all dental which i’m in bad need of along with vision, as need glasses so bad hard to read w/o. so its just as bad for a lot of us not me alone. svn if taxes was paid, i’m still ill and know the hep is takin it’s toll on me along with the stress don’t help.
Would hep to have a vehicle, mine wore out it was an 88 nissian pathfinder and engine went so I sold for junk. col yrs ago. had a new friend who took me shopping but i hate to impose on her and I think she got offended as she was trying to help. so we see. I’m fine usually, I occupy with nature and coin my pics when I can, sell treasures on etsy to find good home so won’t be dumped, and bad times as bottom fell out of market as we all know. so I really don’t know.

need an intervention from the ALMIGHTY is all i see less i pass sooner. all my dearest friend have passed, so makes it hard. this is a very small town in desert and not a lot of resources. Loved it all the 34 years I’ve lived here to get away from city life and crowds, now its become a problem not having a vehicle when I can get out n get food for myself… all i know.
won’t happen on 877 a month, and sales sucks on etsy. so pray for MERCY is all i know.
less a millionaire steps in and made it alright, but house on verge of being condemned.
Kind of you to at least let me get some out.
BLESS any who will. guess i need people now more than i ever figured. but i’m still here just not full speed and some days better than others.


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unigue... Gutzy, Eccentric, Eclectic, Artisan, Desert rat, lover of nature and photography I'm a twitter tweeter.. and a flickr lover stop by say hi
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