ABANDONED once again…

no one can deal with all this.

got this am, but has been almost 6 days no contact. went to last eat last thursday

“I should have gotten back to  you sooner, but didn’t know what to say.

The truth is this – You wore me out emotionally.  I am exhausted. It seems that I can’t help you.

Thursday we went to JT Saloon and had a nice breakfast.  You wanted answers/options.  I tried to give you answers.
Go to a doctor and dentist.  Get back on IHSS or get Meals on Wheels.  You said NO to every suggestion.  (I think you are a LITTLE stubborn.)  lol
Then when I wake up on Friday, I find a long message from you that you have no options.  It was a very emotional letter.

I know you have many problems.  Health, financial, leaky roof, etc. etc.    BUT, I can’t help you with those problems.   I thought the best I could do for you was just be your friend and listen to you.

I still want to be your friend.  I still care about you.  BUT, you have to help yourself too.

I have a doctor’s appointment this morning and errands to do.  You can still reach me at….”

  • ———————————————————–I did try IHSS 2+ yrs and so many problems with help taking advantage of me, and then how it operates alone, great for a bed ridden person, not one that is able to do now n then..
  • Then, meals on wheels is a joke here, idid try yrs back n they cut so much on programs now and i learned to stock up, raid freezer and call in food orders…
  • Drs a joke on the system, won’t even give me antibiotics when my gums infected says go to dentist and we have no coverage past 5+ yrs due to cutbacks..
  • its a mess,
  •  no one can just “listen” so seems, if i don’t do what they feel i should do
  • i do well considering, but thats problem they don’t know what I’ve been thru.. they get upset n say i’m stubborn…
  • oh well, now just that much more stress to deal with… least will put me closer to getting outta here faster.
  • i can wish!

thats the problem, I have none that can just “listen” so seems, if i don’t do what they feel i should do, they leave. they can’t deal with just listening….


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