Trying to survive SUCKS…

ran ad in local online site “Bookoo”

food n supplies for items listed???


.. in need of Cigs, food, supplies.., ?? …things from market, WalMart, ? dog treats/food… as needed

ANYONE? interested in trading for anything I have for sale??? This is only way I have to get supplies, food n needs now.

never a long list just few at time as needed…
being stranded, ill, n survival “mode” SUCKS…

best i can do, least i’m trying…

Cigs 15 bucks a ctn at Smoke shop OWS … P Pads for dogs, (50) pk $10 WalGreens.. stuff like that
only damn thing delivered in this town, is pizza…..

this is what i’ve had to succumb too…. sad

so offer is open for now…

well no response so far, 81#s now…guess i’m doomed! SUCKS

this is what it’s now come down to…. sad. 

What would YOU do if no way to get food n needs???


About dagutzyone

unigue... Gutzy, Eccentric, Eclectic, Artisan, Desert rat, lover of nature and photography I'm a twitter tweeter.. and a flickr lover stop by say hi
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