Emergency and bad news…

imageswell thurs I went to mini emergency, a clinic for easier stuff, had such pains for the last week so fig it was my liver n something to do with the hep well went to real Emergency today and they did CT scan n dif test and by eve found out theres a mass on my liver and i need surgery asap. below to Loma Linda, well I’m alone, no one to care for pets and plants n watch house and besides I knew it was com in and have been preparing for such, wasn’t quite ready but oh well gotta deal with it now. have no choice.


Now I guess get back ahold of Hospics and see about that Right to Die w/Dignity act, if not I’m on my own.

kinda sucks, but I’ve wanted to go “HOME” past few years. I wasn’t bedridden 2 yrs ago as much as i am now so we see what all has to say. all I know to do.

I just PRAY its quick n not long drawn out pain.

I’ve been in such pain last 6 days and bloated like I’m carrying a basket ball. and already can’t eat or drink more than a mouthful at a time n it just sets high. hot soak n pain pills n bed is all that is kinda helping me now.


Well it’s what i tried to tell them n they wouldn’t listen, I felt past few months that something was goin on. .. see what happens next


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