BEWARE of this Etsy buyer!

BEWARE this BUYER look:

also ck favs, and beware IF she favors any your gold items esp.


LORTON, VA 22079
United States
BEWARE is all i can say as u have to live with the negs she gives even if ur right

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7 Responses to BEWARE of this Etsy buyer!

  1. dagutzyone says:

    mary sunshine has left a new comment on your post “Etsy Seller BEWARE”:

    She pulled the same con on me, but worse. My parents asked me to sell their gold chains on Etsy because I made costume jewelry and put up a shop and they couldn’t get enough for it. The jeweler offered $500, when they pain 1000 back in the early 90’s! This woman bought the gold within 1 hour of it being posted and then claimed her acid test showed it was not even gold and demanded that I pay her to have her ship what look like fakes back to me in replacement for the 14K gold I sent insured for $1800 with signature confirmation. I was flabbergasted at the flat out lies she claimed and the fact that she bought the listings no questions asked either than to charge nothing for shipping. She is still lying to paypal and etsy and is trying to send me god knows what after opening the package I sent and complaining about everything from the weight to the shipping to out right lying about gold that not more than a month before the listing was taken to a jeweler and authenticated. Beyond that it was stamped 14k and bought from service merchandise jewelry dept. back in 1990. You at least got your possessions back and not very obviously fakes. this woman thinks she can ship fakes, or possibly an empty box, and keep my parents gold with out paying anything for it. Really horrible person! I’m sickened and angry and I can’t believe a person could keep up a lie like this.


  2. dagutzyone says:

    i’m having such a hrd time dealing with all this. I’m so depressed over it all and keep thinking this is NOT a business i bought stuff to seel, its my personal jewels and treasures I’ve had all thru life.

    now that i’m ill its a must to find homes where most would be appreciated, mostly my treasures not my jewels. hard time sleeping and eating knowing that my ring box of 50 yrs is not with my ring.

    hard ’nuff having to part with stuff i’ve had and fought so many times to keep and protect, thru bad marriages, earthguakes and floods and now my health, so Im asking PLEASE once again return the original box pictured, OR conside my offer still sell you the ring. I just can’t stand them being apart.

    I know you don’t have personal attachments like this, but hun i’m all alone, no family, no loved ones, no real friends now, so at the end and weighing only 82-84 now I sure hate going thru all this.

    Please have a heart/mercy?
    i really didn’t know the earings was not real but plated, and i dont care, wasnt attached to them anyways, BUT this ring I bought and even more i’d quit school at 14 ran away and went back to dallas and one yr graduated, means nothing to nobody but me, but the pain i feel is REAL

    i’ve had so many losses since say ’89 that i’ve given up too many thing and stranded, disabled, shut-in sucks on top of having to part with my life or it gets dumped.

    ok i just don’t know how to deal with it all, then i lost one sale on a ring cause she saw your neg one mine. so oh well i’m bout to just throw in the towel, gotten to where i’m not fit for human consumption i keep tell all, but its a lot to deal with it all, and till they walk in my shoes well the’d have a pitty party too.

    ok , sry just want you to know


  3. Thanks and I see Etsy has removed her shop. Good job.


  4. dagutzyone says:

    she buys on ETSY and ?
    BEWARE she has ruined a few look at her profile

    Ana Rodrequiz

    her addys are:


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